Self-Expression: WHY NOT?

Honestly expressing yourself is very difficult, is easier to put on a show but to honest oneself honestly, not lying to yourself is very difficult to do.

Lack of self-expression leads to suffocation of your inner voice, when you are afraid to be yourself because of the influence of others you are depriving yourself the greatest opportunity to live truly. Self-expression is saying what you want to say and saying it properly with confidence, self-expression is authentic, it comes with you and never goes away. Your inner voice is always bringing up ideas, of what to say and what to do?


Nobody needs a mascot. No one should be afraid to the point of wearing a mask to protect their identities. We need to love people and support them for who they are so they can explore, and find new ways of doing things. Innovate, and change how people live. This has been and is still the hope of humanity. Everybody needs love, everybody wants freedom; these are the basic need of humans. It’s something we all have in common. Live, and let others live in peace.


Gay rights movement in Nigeria is heavily tied to HIV/AIDS Activism for many reasons, people do not know what being gay means until they are tested and found out their HIV status. When they find out their HIV status, they begin to meet other positive people and know there was an underground community for HIV positive gay men. Growing up there was nothing to show that gay people every existed, I never read books, no videos or anything to show queer people live in Nigeria.

5 Tips to Coming Out as Gay

Life as a gay man can be quite difficult in many parts of the world. Especially in an African country like Nigeria where you can spend up to 14 years in a penitentiary if convicted. While social acceptance for gay people is getting better in some countries, some queers aren’t having better luck in other places. Coming out as gay is a long psychological process for many, and sudden for some others.

Artivism: The Modern-Day, Non-Violent Activism

I became an activist because of the injustice I see every day in the world we live in and my disbelief that our government is not ready to create favorable policies for people like myself (members of the LGBTQ community) to exist. Many people like me choose to fight injustice not because were selected to or trained to be the change agents in our generation; rather, we sometimes wonder how we come to fill these shoes. Mostly, it’s a result of a combination of life experiences, the exposure to new views, or an awakening to the reality of the injustice happening around us.