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Let’s take a look at the infinity symbol, if we have to throw an object into the infinity symbols, when the object gets to either end of the symbol it slows down and maintain its highest energy or resistance. In Quantum physics polarity exist, two polar ends coexist in opposite direction. We have been able to discover this science but what lies in between the two polar ends? science have not been able to explain this, because this is an art and not a science. For you to reduce the polarity that exist between the two polar end you either increase the frequency of the object or reduce the size of the infinity figure.

I believe that bridges are what helps us to bridge the gap between two polar ends, the world is at a cross road, with a hard right and a hard left in America society. We need our society to remain the bridge it has been to millions of people who have come into this country in search of a better life and end up having an opportunity to rebuild a new life.

This book is about the road map to being a bridge to new comers in our society, how we have been able to integrate migrants into the fabric of our society, we need bridges to help us cross cultures, bring us closer to people who do not look like us and most especially help us connect with one another for the betterment of our planet earth. Americans have been bridges in the past and many Americans today do not realize the privileges they posses by being born in America. This book will help readers understand how they too can play a role in the life of a new comers, why it is important to unite and build a welcoming society.

            This book is focus on personal development of Young Adults and People who are in the process of figuring out how to harness their civic power to act in response to the current political climate in America. United States is Approaching the 2020 election, a pivotal point in America, Immigration is a key player in the policy issue in modern America politics, this book is a detail account of an immigrant who once seek for help and now find the strength to support others. How immigrants play a role in our society, the benefits of Americans interacting with foreigner’s, how it enriches our lives in many ways!

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Author’s Biography

Edafe Okporo is a human rights activist, who is on the front lines for this type of advocacy and always fights for the equality of the LGBT community in Nigeria, which led to his displacement. He is the Executive Director of RDJ Refugee Shelter in Harlem New York city, RDJ Refugee Shelter is the only shelter in New York city specifically providing a safe space for asylum seekers, refugees and migrants and migrants.

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