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Risking it all for freedom a play based on Edafe Okporo true life’s story

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Edafe a gay man from Nigeria and his relationship with his grandmother was special. “There are several things that go unspoken between us, but in the silences, I feel that she gets me and believes in my ability. But if I flee Nigeria what will be the price I pay to save myself?” An African man’s journey to seek asylum in the United States.


By sharing his story, wisdom, and critical analysis of some refugees pursuit of the American Dream, we are confronted with the tragic reality that for many immigrants their dreams become nightmares once they make it to this land. But more importantly, Edafe, which in his Yoruba culture means "a wealthy man," shows us the power of knowing who you are. Edafe is a bridge for all us between the American Dream that we all believe in and the insatiable inequalities we face as Americans today.  His is a wealth that grows through the bridges he builds in the hearts and minds of those who are yet to believe that indeed, "all men and women are created equal." 

Toby Thompkins  Founder and CEO of SAFIOO Inc.
Essence magazine bestselling author of The Real Lives of Strong Black Women 

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BED 26

Written by Edafe Okporo, narrated by Michael Goodrick. Published in march 2018, the audio book version has a new cover and a voice over by Michael who has produce best selling audio books.

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