Dear Nigerians,

#letmeexist is a hashtag which Edafe Okporo formed into #letmeexistNigeria to commemorate the day he landed in the United States as an Asylum seeker on Oct. 28th 2016 due to the law passed by the federal government of Nigeria on January 7th, 2014. The government of Nigeria passed the same sex marriage prohibition act, which criminalizes same sex relationship up to 14 years imprisonment and punish members of the LGBTQ community or groups working to provide a safe haven for gay men. There has been a significant rise in hate crimes and violence against members of the LGBTQ community in Nigeria.

In 2019 the online Nigerian community started an #ArewaagainstLGBTQ as a trend to bully or incite violence against LGBTQ people online, there has been continuous threats by members of the Nigerian Law Enforcement agencies. The Inspector General of the Nigerian police force released a statement that LGBTQ Nigerians should flee or face being executed if caught. The law has not even persecuted one person but has consistently placed peoples’ lives at risk.

I as a Nigerian and an openly gay man have responded by starting #letmeexistNigeria @LetmeexistNigeria will live as an online platform to fight against online bullying by Nigerian online community. The short film will be released on my YouTube channel on Oct. 28, 2019 I will continue to fight until all Nigerians have equal access. 

If you are a Nigerian and you have been discriminated by your work place, harassed by the police and most especially denied medical care due to your sexual orientation, please write me at and I will make sure the world hear your stories.


Edafe Okporo