The first man and woman went around naked trying to figure out how to live according to the bible. After wandering for so long, they discovered their new way of life thousands of years ago. Now, they want us to accept their standard of living as perfect for everyone.


Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit and became wise. God forgave them and still didn’t take away their wisdom. But why wouldn’t God forgive the homosexual? Where has the creator God gone to? The same God that forgave the first man and woman, and embraced them. Why has he failed to forgive the homosexuals and embrace them?


Cain murdered his brother Abel, but Cain the murderer still ended up breeding us all. That means we are all offspring of a murderer and the God that forgave our father Cain have refused to forgive his homosexual sons. And, allow them to have children like our forefather Cain did.


Why has the God of creation changed how he accepts and forgive people? Why has he become the monster that he wasn't when the Israelite’s cursed him for taking them out of Egypt? Why did he part ways for them with all their atrocities but refuse to stop the climate change in our time because we are the worst people that have ever lived? Worse than Sodom and Gomorrah, worse than the time he destroyed the world and saved Noah.


Why does God allow his children to oppress others in the name of a church? Why did he destroy others and now forgive those who open houses of worship as a way of profit making? I grew up in a tradition that made me believe asking questions is insane. Just about right! Religion had made it difficult to ask questions of the God we all choose to serve. Why is my God so selective that he decided to choose people that are going to sleep with our children, molest our wife and destroy our marriages? Why is the God homophobic, misogynist, racist and unkind to poor people?


Walking from brunch on Sunday, June 23rd, I was really excited because my partner’s younger sister was celebrating her birthday. On my way from brunch that Sunday, walking towards the train station to catch a train to Time Square to get her to see her movie, a guy saw all four of us laughing; three white folks and myself.


He said to me directly "everybody needs a mascot" I turned and looked at him. Filled with shock and surprise, I decided to confront him and asked why did he say something like that.  He bluntly opened up that he was Nigerian. And I was like, are you sure? He said yes, I’m a Nigerian, I’m Igbo. To my utmost despair, a Nigerian man in Diaspora publicly called another Nigerian a mascot. He meant a masquerade, which means false show or pretense.


Today, it became clear to me that structural forms of oppression are institutional. And, there is a deep human-emotion to wants to piss on things when we see that they reflect how we want to live. But, are unable to because of our cultural beliefs. People have internalized the phobia of associating with gay people. And, in addition to the American society where whites are believed to be superior to their black and brown counterparts.


Few people are respected for their abilities in America. Most people cannot see anything you do expect you’re white, and privileges you have been afforded by your white complexion.


This is an open letter to myself and the community I belong to. You don’t have to contribute to the stigma if you do not know the root cause. White superiority, and its structural form of oppression and colonialism as an institutional mindset. Society has limited our ability to see black and brown people as worthy of anything good they come up with.


Every time I go through an airport, I face similar, if not worse reminders of my outsideness. I do not want to be an outsider within my black and brown community.  Am I being forced to choose between my black and my African origin? Or between my gay and my refugee status?


The world needs to face her odd past. Religious beliefs should not override the inherent freedom of man to explore and search for meaning. History has been thought wrong, the historical context has been used to imprison our minds. Good storytellers have told us a false narrative which we, unfortunately, bought in. To remedy this, a culture should be created. A new kind of culture that not only squarely addresses these issues, but changes the narrative surrounding gay people’s lives, and white superiority.


Nobody needs a mascot. No one should be afraid to the point of wearing a mask to protect their identities. We need to love people and support them for who they are so they can explore, and find new ways of doing things. Innovate, and change how people live. This has been and is still the hope of humanity. Everybody needs love, everybody wants freedom; these are the basic need of humans. It’s something we all have in common. Live, and let others live in peace.