This is a pro-immigrant hashtag adopted by Edafe Okporo to commemorate the launch of a new brand of T-shirts created by Sylvian Hyde Menswear and the Modern Church Lady. Since the 2016 election, the president has poisoned the national discourse about immigrants by calling them rapists, drug dealers and freeloaders. His vitriolic rhetoric has led to false and negative headlines about immigrants while in fact, studies have shown that immigrants have contributed greatly to the U.S economy and are an integral part of American society. 


   With this collaboration, we aim to highlight the true story of immigrant entrepreneurship and their massive contribution to the American society. I, Edafe Okporo, an author, activist and strategist; Sylvian Hyde, a fashion designer and asylee from Belize; and the Modern Church Lady, a blogger and marketer; have collaborated on a set of stylish, talk-worthy T-shirts to push the language and conversation about immigrants in a more positive direction.

On Oct. 9th 2019, the T-shirt launched at a #ChangeTheNarrative event celebrating immigrant entrepreneurship

Couldn’t attend the event? You can still get a T-shirt! The T-shirts are available for purchase at link.   For each T-shirt purchased, the featured asylee will get $5.00, helping them to further contribute to their new home country. The T-shirt also directly supports the Sylvian Hyde Menswear, a business founded by the immigrant designer, Sylvian Hyde. Wearing this shirt is a show of support and solidarity with new immigrants in America.